Website Marketing

Finished building a website? Congratulations! We are so happy that you have joined us in the on-line community! Do you think your job is finished? Think again!

The old adage of "If you build it, they will come", can only take you so far in the online business community, you have to Market and Push Yourself and You're Website!

Don't Have A Website? No Problem, we can help you build your very own, but there are many ways to Market your business online with or without a website. A Website simply helps provide a forum for you to go into greater depth about how your company and/or service can benefit your potential customers!

Let Vision Technology Management help steer you, your company and or website on a course too success!

Read below, to learn more about some of the potential options to increase your presence online:

Your Own Website

Many times, client's are too caught up in outside influences, that it is easy to forget, their own website offers it's own infinite marketing potential. By focusing on the content of your site, and adapting that content to how potential customers actually search. The website can become it's own marketing powerhouse.

This is due to the fact, Search Engines, rank each individual page separately. Meaning, any single, separate page, has the potential to attract new clients, like moths to a bug zapper!

Are you analyzing your website statistics?

What page on your website, is seen the most and/or accessed the most through search engines like Google and/or Bing?

If you are unable too answer these questions, VisionTM can help! We can analyze what if any tracking you are currently performing on your site and adjust, increase or help train you to read the stats yourself. We can help follow, every so often to compile and discuss the results, this can help you too spot trends or seasonal data as they occur.

For search engines, is your Home Page the most accessed page?

If your Home Page is getting all the attention, from search engines, then a re-evaluation of your content is in order! While your homepage is the first page everyone sees when they directly type your domain, in to their browser of choice, it should not be a Search Engines favorite page! Search engines should produce your marketing pages, the one where your services, products, content, contact forms, etc are displayed.

Take Control of Your Website Today, by contacting Vision Technology Management or calling, Toll Free 888-302-6635!

Search Engine Optimization

Are you keeping track of your page statistics?

Do you know how many visitors accessed your pages and where they came from?

Do you know the general search terms and phrases your target audience uses to find your products or services online?

Are you positive you are creating content that your customers are searching for?

VisionTM can help "peel back the curtain" and reveal how your site is being seen, where it is being found and why! Then can help analyze this information, turning it into actionable plans to further benefit the site, either through alterations, additions, etc.

E-Mail Campaigns

Do you need to send out regular updates to your customers?

Are you using your personal email for marketing?

Many hosting providers, have limitations to the amount of emails that are sent per hour, etc. Furthermore, you can quickly get your domain on a black list (being called a spammer) and you will be unable to email your customers! It is therefore, highly important, you use an External Email Service!

Looking to find ways of increasing sales of your online items and services?

Need assistance matching your email templates to your website and company?

Click HERE to learn how Vision Technology Management can help you in selecting an E-Mail Program, Managing and Running E-mail Campaigns and Template Design Creation.

Social Media Marketing

Are you, your company and or persona on Social Media?

Do you know which Social Media your customer base uses?

Every generation has their own preferred Social Media option! Especially the younger ones, who also like to have a place away from their family!

For the Social Media profiles you have/maintain, do you know which types of content receives the most attention?

Do you have your contact information, readily visible on your Profiles?

Often times, customers look for Social Media Profiles of their favorite businesses, either to communicate with them, or stay up-to date on new Discounts, News, Promotions, etc. Many customers will also tag businesses on their picture or text posts, more often than not, in a negative manner! So it is good to stay on top of Social Media and what is being said about you, your computer or persona!

Let Vision Technology Management Help You Master Social Media!

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising covers advertising in many different places, but at it's core, you need to pay to play! Whether you pay for advertising on Social Media Websites (Facebook, Twitter, etc), other personal/business websites, or on Search Engines themselves (Google, Bing, Youtube, etc). Vision Technology can help ensure you do not waste your money, and build your advertising campaigns to achieve maximum results!

Contact Vision Technology Management, to learn how to save money in your Online Advertising Campaigns.

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