Website Development Services

Vision Technology's staff has over 20 years experience, developing websites and continuously researching Web Design and Marketing trends. Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow because we take the time to listen to what our customer wants and needs are, then help them adapt those (wants and needs) into sound, proven web development practices and procedures.

When developing websites for our customers, we take the time to get to know our customers wants and needs, and then work to apply them to to the standards of a successful website. Content Management Systems (WordPress and Joomla Specifically) are our primary tool of choice when developing and maintaining websites. These systems allow our customers to edit and maintain page content themselves, including managing images, image galleries, and many more features. You can view all of the  features of our Joomla Content Management system here!

Here are the following standards we follow when developing our sites:

Usability and User Friendliness

Usability and User Friendliness, refer to how your visitors interact with the website.

Can they find what they are looking for, when they want it, and that while on any page of the site, they easily know where to go to get more information.

This is also very important, because if a visitor can easily determine where to go, so too will Search Engine Spiders, which help index your website's content to Search Engine Visitors Phrases and Keywords.

Their is also a flip side to Usability, which lies in the design itself.

This also applies to picking the correct fonts sizes, color choices, background colors and embellishments, and ensuring they do not impede on the readability of the content.

If not careful, text can become hard to read and may even induce a headache to some viewers.

Furthermore, if there is too much text, a viewer may miss important blocks of information and leave.

Search Engine Rankings and Visibility

VisionTM Staff researches keywords and phrases, searching for the highest performing keywords.

This list of keywords can assist in selecting Domain Names, Page Titles, Page Content, Image Titles, etc;

Highest Performing Keywords means these terms are search not only Most Often (Average Monthly Searches), but is in line with Company Goals.

This process is also on-going, as products change and needs of consumers alter or become more clearer. Every 6-12 months the site should be reviewed to ensure performance and confirm choice of Keywords and phrases that are targeted.

Search Engines also rank and grade overall Site Speed and Page Loading Speed. If these number become to high, your website may not rank as well. VisionTM works with their clients, helping to instruct them on keeping site speed low. Generally this involves controlling images uploaded to the site and how large they are.


Mobile Development

Starting in 2016, Google began ranking websites in Mobile Friendliness, looking to see if templates adjusted for Mobile Viewing.

Without Mobile Friendliness, websites would no longer appear in Google Searches conducted on Mobile Devices.

As Mobile Usage has gone up year after year, this is a huge sector to miss out on.

Vision Technology incorporates Mobile Viewing into all template creations!


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