Website Development Services

Vision Technology's staff has over 20 years experience, developing websites and continuously researching Web Design and Marketing trends. Our list of satisfied customers continues to grow because we take the time to listen to what our customer's wants and needs are, then help them adapt those (wants and needs) into sound, proven web development practices and procedures.

Content Management Systems (WordPress and Joomla Specifically) are our primary tools of choice, for developing and maintaining websites. These systems allow our customers to edit and maintain page content themselves, including managing images, image galleries, and many more features. You can view all of the features of our Joomla Content Management system here!

The following sections, help detail the standards VisionTM follows when designing or maintaining websites:

Usability and User Friendliness

How visitors interact and find information on your site:

Can visitors find the most important/useful information on your site?

When given a specific task can a user quickly complete it?

Does your design make content hard to read?

Is the content structured with a enough breaks to digest the content?

When visitors can easily read and understand your website, so too do Search Engines! Ensuring that your site is properly indexed.

If the colors of the site do not conflict, then readers are more likely to stay on the site longer, and navigate further into your site to find more.

By breaking up content into important sections, using lists to break up paragraphs, keeping paragraphs short and precise can all help create a beneficial website to your visitors.

To accomplish this standard, VisionTM will help break up site content into meaningful and digestible pieces, provide menus in precise locations, and help ensure the design of the site doesn't distract from the content.

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Search Engine Rankings and Visibility

How visitors find your website! When someone would like to find information online, they turn to a search engine. Search Engines use programs to read and document websites, using the words on the site and correlating it to what a person enters into the search bar. The words you use in your Domain Name, Page Title, Page Content, Links, etc are all indexed by the search engines.

What words for your industry, have the highest search volumes? (Are searched the most)

Are you using the most commonly used words to describe your service? (People who know computers say dongles, while our average customers say sticks)

What are the most popular times of year for specific search words? (Garden Tools would have higher searches in Summer than in Winter)

Do you re-evaluate your words once a year?

Search Engines and search engine users, change variably year after year! It is very important to re-evaluate a website, at least once a year, if not twice a year.

VisionTM will perform the research, to find the highest producing words and ensure your website can be readily found, for matching searches. VisionTM can help isolate the highest producing terms, to help reach the goals you have your site! (New Leads, New Purchases, Etc)

Mobile Development

How your site displays on Tablets, Phones and Smaller computer/laptop screens.

Does your website adjust to the screen size?

Can users easily click on your links and menus on smaller screens?

Do your images adjust to the size of the screen they are viewed on?

Is the text readable, without scrolling left and right, or zooming in?

Tablets and Smart phones have taken the internet world by storm! So much so, that starting in 2016, Google began ranking websites on if they adjusted to mobile viewers.

Without Mobile variability, websites would no longer appear in Google Searches conducted on Mobile Devices. With Mobile Device usage increasing year after year, this is a large segment of potential customers you could miss out on.

Because of these factors, VisionTM designs all of it's website templates to appropriately adapt, to the screen size they are on. In some cases, this can even mean drastic design differences, between how the website is seen on a computer vs seen on a phone. For example, a very wide, horizontal image, may need to be hidden entirely, or replaced with a smaller or more squared version, etc.