Search Engine Optimization (Part 2)

The most important component for Search Engines is providing useful, up-to date, original website content. Search engines pay attention to how many pages you submit and how many times your pages have been updated or changed. They also pay attention to how relevant your text is. Google for example has a program that searches the web and finds how many websites use the exact or close to the same information. This helps them find which sites have duplicate information and are irrelevant to Web Searchers. Google also notices when you stop updating content. So while adding new content helps, not adding content for an extended period of time will hurt your rankings as well.


Ways to Keep Your Website Current, Useful and Original:

  1.  Do not copy any information, break out your inner writer and write your own company descriptions.
  2. Create pages that keep your visitors up-to date on your company and or the product or service your provide.
  3. Consider News, Events or Calendar pages. By design these pages will change more often and Google will notice and rank accordingly.
  4. Create a blog for your website to discuss your products or services
  5. Create a knowledge base and or forum so your customers can share information and gather instruction manuals, etc
  6. Switching the products your offer around seasonally for example will also make your site appear current

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While Search Engine Optimization is not rocket science it does require a fair amount of work to achieve the results you are looking for. When you have time available, use it to address your entire site and your plans for on going maintenance, measurement and tracking of results.