What is SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Marketing (SEM) is the careful and deliberate process of analyizing your content and focusing that content to certain keywords or phrases, to achieve a higher ranking within search engine results. While there are many different steps and procedures available, Vision Technology has developed their own SEO process and strategies that have been proven effective time and time again.

Example of Google Search Listings - Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Specialists

Our proven SEO process includes the following steps and much more:

  • A careful analysis of what the goals and objectives of the website are for the client
  • A detailed analysis of the keywords and primary topics for which the client would like to rank highly on
  • A review of the content that is already contained within the website
  • Revising key page content, menu systems, page titles, meta tags, etc to match the chosen keywords and phrases
  • Evaluate existing back-linking and identify areas of opportunities as well as revising links and link descriptions
  • Identify additional opportunities to use free resources to increase ranking and traffic
  • Develop a formal system of link exchange
  • Establish an on-going monitoring system and link tracking

Contact Vision Technology Management today and discover how we can improve your site and increase your rankings within Google and other search engines.

Our system has also had great success in increasing the ranking for specific pages vs whole site, by focusing on the keywords that are essential for that page. For as little as $90 we can help improve your page today!

If you feel your website should perform better in website search rankings, potential client visibility and overall traffic please contact us today for an introductory consultation.

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