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Sep 10

Why Is My Site Not Generating Sales?

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Being in the website design business for many years and coupled with the recent downturn of our nations economy, we are frequently asked the following question: Why is my site not generating SALES? So after diving down to the root of this problem and analyzing websites that work with websites that do not, we have come to the following conclusion. That running an On-Line store takes as much commitment, energy, focus and time as running a "Brick and Mortar" store does. The main flaw people have with the on-line world is that just because you have a site and offer products on your site, doesn't mean that:
A) People will actually find your site and
B) That once people have found your site they will automatically buy your products.

The best way to explain this to you is to refer to the 5 P's of Marketing:

  1. Product: This refers to the products or services that you are providing to your customers. These include your products physical attributes, what your products do or help your customers achieve, how your products differ from that of your competitors and what benefits do your products provide your customers.
  2. Price: This refers to how you are able to maintain a price for your product or service that is still competitive to that of your competitors' while still being able to generate a nice profit. Price also refers to how you are able to set your products and or services apart from that of your competitors'.
  3. Place: This refers to where you sell your products or services from and how your customers are able to get these products or services.
  4. Promotion: This refers to the methods you are using to communicate both the features and benefits of your products or services to your targeted customers and helps differentiate your business from your competitors'.
  5. People: This refers to how your own level of service along with the expertise and skills of the people who work for you can be used to set you apart from your competitors'.

So in keeping these 5 P's of marketing in mind, you will need to think about and discuss the following things:

Feb 11

Search Engine Optimization (Part 2)

Posted by visiontm in Website Optimization , Website Development , Web Development , Site Traffic , Site Optimization , SEM , Search Rankings , Search Enging Optimization , Search Engine Rankings , Search Engine Optimization SEO , Search Engine Marketing , Google Rankings , Google Bots

The most important component for Search Engines is providing useful, up-to date, original website content. Search engines pay attention to how many pages you submit and how many times your pages have been updated or changed. They also pay attention to how relevant your text is. Google for example has a program that searches the web and finds how many websites use the exact or close to the same information. This helps them find which sites have duplicate information and are irrelevant to Web Searchers. Google also notices when you stop updating content. So while adding new content helps, not adding content for an extended period of time will hurt your rankings as well.


Jan 26

Search Engine Optimization (Part 1)

Posted by visiontm in Website Optimization , Site Optimization , SEO , SEM , Search Engine Optimization , Search Engine Marketing , Search Engine

During hard economic times, like unfortunately what we find ourselves in now, it is always best to find ways to help increase sales and revenue. Sometimes these ways are new and innovative and others are durable proven ways to work time and time again. Search Engine Marketing is an old proven way to help increase sales and drive website traffic.

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